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When we began the process to get company gear, we met with John Yogodzinski at the Graphic Hive. John worked closely with us to find the right clothing. Since we intended to wear the gear while actually working, and our work is physical, we needed it to be comfortable, yet durable. Because these shirts were also to essentially be our uniform, it was also important to us that they look good. In the end John found us the perfect shirts. They’re very soft, yet durable. They’re also made with a slight bit of elastic, and have an athletic cut. Pictured are myself (right) and my partner, Dylan. We’re both about 6ft, with a difference of around 15lbs. between us. I’m wearing a size XL, and Dylan is wearing a size L - for reference.

Since we got our first batch of shirts for work, we’ve learned that they’re also great as fitness gear. As runners, both Dylan and I appreciate how soft they are.

We’re proud to offer the same shirts we wear on the job, and we’re grateful to John and the Graphic Hive team for such awesome gear!

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